Herb Crusted Salmon

At home, there are a few family members that do not enjoy freshly cooked salmon, and I decided this needed to change.  Ocean caught salmon is rich in good fats, essentials fatty acids and nutrients which is beneficial for the whole family to enjoy.
There are a few tips to remember when deciding on which piece of fish will be for dinner; fresh is always best, speak to your fish monger about when and where the fish is from and always go sustainable.

I highly recommend the EWG Australia’s sustainable seafood guide APP – simple to use this APP is amazing! And best of all its free so there is no excuses not to give it a go. There is also the sustainable seafood shopping guide which is a PDF and able to be downloaded from ‘mother earth news’ or from the dandelion lane pintables section.

Ok, back to the recipe. To boost the nutrient profile the added nuts and seeds give this recipe a delicious crunch and a yummy contrast to the zing of the lemon.


2 – 3 fresh salmon stakes
1 cup of raw almonds
½ cup  raw sunflower seeds
½ cup of parsley leaves
small handful of chives
small handful of baby spinach
1 tbsp chia seeds and sesame seeds
the juice of 1 whole lemon + extra for drizzling at the end
Salt and pepper to taste


1. Place the salmon, skin side down on a lined baking try and preheat oven to 160-170 degrees
2. In a food processor add in almonds and sunflower seeds. Process until roughly chopped.
3. Add in the remaining ingredients and process until chopped but well combined. It should be able to stick together when pushed between your fingers.
4. Evenly place the herb crust on top of each piece of salmon and pop into the oven until salmon is cooked through. This will be depending on the size of your salmon; mine took about 20 minutes on a moderately low heat.
5. Once cooked remove from oven and drizzle with remaining lemon juice. Serve with a fresh salad or lightly steamed vegetables.


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