Nourish Bowl

A little while back I posted this photo on Instagram, sharing how quick and easy healthy eating can be. A large portion of my meal planning includes left overs.  Left overs are my favourite things for lunch, not only do you not have to buy lunch you get to enjoy last nights dinner again!

Here is my left overs, all in one NOURISH BOWL. This recipe is simple and delicious. best of all you can use anything you feel like at the time or what you have on hand.

1/2 a baked sweet potato (see notes)
sauteed kale with cherry tomatoes and chili
Sauteed shallots
lightly grilled eggplant and mushrooms
1 serving of fermented vegetables – about 2 tbsp
sprinkle with Dulse flakes or drizzle tahini and lemon over the top.

n o t e s
* how to bake potato.  Simply wrap the sweet potato in some baking/parchment paper and then again with foil. place in the oven on a high temperature until potato is cooked through.

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