Thyme Infused Sheeps Labnah

I have a confession, I love cheese! Since finding out I am Casein Intolerant I need to be a little bit more creative when developing meals.


It was pure coincidence that brought me to create this recipe, an almost expired 1kg of Meredith’s Sheep Yoghurt (green lid) in my fridge and a wanting for cheese. Meredith’s Dairy products are some of the most delicious sheep and goats products around! I highly recommend them for my clients but find my friends love them too! you can find out more about Meredith’s Dairy products HERE

This recipe takes no more than 5 mins to make, then you leave it to do its thing.

This recipe is: Gluten free, Casein free, Grain free, Paleo, Vegetarian, Sugar free


1 kg of organic sheeps yoghurt (Meredith Sheep green or blue lid would work here)
olive oil
thyme/garlic/chili – your choice of spices

1. a very tall glass container or deep mixing bowl
2. one organic nut bag or organic muslin
3. organic string
4. strainer


1. First set up your equipment, place the strainer inside the mixing bowl, lined with your muslin/nut bag. You will need to hang the yoghurt so ensure there is enough room between the yoghurt and the liquid (whey).
2. place the yoghurt into the strainer. (you can also season with fresh dried such as thyme, oregano – simple stir through the spices before straining).
3. tie off the muslin/nut bag and using the string tie to a wooden spoon so that the yoghurt is suspended from the liquid. Place in a cool spot or fridge over night to allow the liquid to drip from the yoghurt.
4. The next day, take down the muslin and open up to find your lebnah. You should be able to roll the lebnah into small balls with your hands, without the mixture sticking (too much).
5. Place the small balls into a sterilised glass jar and top with organic olive oil. Place in fresh sprigs of rosemary or thyme, whole black pepper corns ect.
6. Enjoy the next day or up to a week later


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