My gluten free flour must haves

It is officially over a year since I have been 100% gluten free (with the exception of one croissant on mums birthday) my tummy and I are so much happier and my pantry is looking quite stunning.

If you are needing to go gluten free or just wanting to introduce a little variety into your cooking there are some flour staples I just adore, remember to try and go Organic where possible.

Made from 100% ground almonds, almond meal has a rich nutty flavour and is a perfect baking choice. Moist and decadent almond meal is often the gluten free flour of choice. Uses: baking, bread crumb replacer, binder.

Pancakes and buckwheat flour are a match made in heaven! Add a smashed banana and some roasted hazelnuts and you have a winner. A mild nutty flour and is light and quite easy to work with. Some brands can but a little gritty I love kialla. Uses: baking, binding,

A very mild coconut flour and a fibre powerhouse. Coconut flour can be a tad drying and crumble, when cooking add a little extra moisture to help bind. One of my favourite flours to work with.

I must admit I haven’t used millet flour to much but it has a light mild flavour that works for both sweet and savoury dishes. I like to keep some in my fridge for when inspiration strikes.

Sorghum is a nice smooth texture making it perfect for a variety of dishes. I like to use it in my baking! Sorghum is naturally rich in protein, iron and fibre! I am using more and more sorghum in my cooking and loving it!

Rice flour gives a nice crunch texture to cookies, it’s mild flavour allows you to use it in a variety of ways. Available in white and brown rice flour

Made from ground linseeds/flaxseeds I often add a little to my other gf flours to help with binding esp almond meal. Rich in omega 3 – ensure you always buy fresh and from the fridge.

Your superfood also comes as a flour! Rich in protein, quinoa flour can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes. Why not give a savoury pancake a go!?

One of the best binders on offer in your gluten free pantry, with no strong flavour you can use in a variety of ways just watch measurements as it can make things a little bit chewy.

A new kid on the block and a fun one! You can find teff as a seed or flour and it has a mild nutty flavour. It is a little dense as a flour so is often mixed with other gluten free flours such as almond meal.

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