Natural Tricks to a Good Nights Sleep

Everyone needs a good and restful night sleep, adults require 7 – 8 hours sleep (good sleep) per night! Our body is very active at night time, while we sleep our body is balancing hormones, creating new hormones, repairing and making new cells, cleaning toxins, waste and can even reduce risk of chronic disease  and then we have creating dreams and getting you ready for the next day – when we don’t have a full night sleep or an unsatisfying one all this hard work is often incomplete.

Over the last couple of years there are many things I have tried and tested on myself and then suggested for my clients, similar to stress management there is not a one fix option helps, so its important to find what works for you in that particular moment – as we all know something that may work tonight may not work for the next.

Here are my natural tricks for a good night sleep: 

1. Exercise : Keeping our body moving throughout the day, helps to burn excess energy but also helps to reduce stress levels, supports hormone development and clearance of toxin clearance. If you are participating in high-intensity exercise I recommend enjoying it in the morning and in the evening go for a nice walk to settle back down.

2. Herbal Medicine : There are so many amazing herbs that support sleep and relaxation – I adore using herbal teas to support sleep! I always recommend speaking with your Naturopath and Health Practitioner before starting Herbal Medicines, as there are specific herbs that someone may need and others that should be avoided. Passionflower (Passiflora incarnata) is an amazing tea for sleep and relaxation, I describe it as a herbal hug and I have had some amazing results using it as part of my sleep dispensary.

3. Meditation and Deep breathing : Daily Meditation has been found to reduce stress levels / support the way we react to stress – this in turn assists our ability to sleep and quality of sleep. There is no wrong way to meditate, simply taking 10 – 15 minutes out of your day to step back, breath deep and enjoy in the moment. I also love the 4 – 7 – 8 breathing exercise ~ breath in for 4 seconds ~ hold for 7 ~ breath out for 8 seconds.

4. Limit Screen Exposure : the artificial light from our electronic devices – television, phones, tablets, laptops etc – can all play havoc on our sleep patterns! Research has found that exposure to the blue light reduces our natural ability to create melatonin (our sleep hormone).  Getting the right balance of light really does benefit sleep habits! Our body is one pretty amazing system! in the morning our recognises as the time to boost energy levels and balance melatonin levels so that you have a better night sleep that evening – note: best to avoid using sunglasses + hats first thing in the morning so you get to enjoy the most of your melatonin levels.

5. Create a routine : You body loves a routine! According to Chinese Medicine we naturally follow a body clock, where at specific times of the day particular organs are most active / are in repair! Think about it, we are all about the routine a female has her menstruation which follows a routine, our day is all about routine, digestion, yep routine and sleep is no different. Sit down and plan out your sleep routine – be in bed by 10pm at the latest and actively trying to get to sleep around 10 – 10.30pm, reduce light exposure at least 45 – 60 mins before bed and ensure you sheets are clean, fresh and tidy.

6. Keep it clean : you would be amazed how having a clean sleeping area, clean bedding and fresh air in a bedroom can all influence a good nights sleep. Research has been conducted on bacteria, skin cells and dust mite build up and it is suggested that bedding should be washed at least every week! and lets face it, there is nothing better than getting into a bed with fresh sheets! tip: having living plants in a room can help to filter and clean the air – perfect for bedrooms!

The most important thing about poor sleeping routines is that they are possible to turn around, it may not take one night but it is possible!

Health and Happiness,
Alyce x


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