Naturopathic Herbal Dispensary

When you walk into AHARA HEALTH you will see a couple things – numerous green plants, bright open spaces, me sipping herbal tea and our stunning herbal dispensary.

As a Naturopath, Western Herbal Medicine is a tool we often use to support our client’s short-term and long-term health. Each bottle, each herb and each plant have a unique prescription that can be used to support wellness.

Herbal Medicine has been used for centuries and centuries, with each culture and country bringing their unique take on the prescription. Some of the more popular known herbs are chamomile and echinacea! Today, scientists and researchers are doing amazing studies to discover these therapeutic benefits and putting further science behind the traditional uses.

Herbal medicine can be in the form of a liquid tincture (what you can find in the amber and green bottles at AHARA HEALTH), teas and tisanes and even dried into a powder.

How can herbal medicine support your needs?

I adore using herbal medicine with my clients, as it often provides quick results and encourages change… don’t get me wrong, the taste can take some convincing – but you get used to them!

In clinical practice (and after a full naturopathic consultation) you may leave with a bottle of liquid herbs or a blend of herbal tea. Every tincture blend is unique to the individual and their specific health needs.

How can herbal medicine support wellness? 

Herbal medicine supports the body’s natural health response. Each formulation is unique to the individual and their health needs.

  • adrenal and stress support. how the body responds to stress and long-term stress
  • immune support. helping to overcome a cold, or illness
  • Digestive concerns such as bloating, cramping, constipation
  • supporting natural detoxification pathways
  • female health and hormone balancing. supporting conditions such as PMS, PMD, period pain, menopause etc
  • sleep and quality of sleep
  • preconception and conception care

Who can use herbal medicine?

At AHARA HEALTH we are passionate about supporting health, which is why we require a full consultation prior to dispensing herbal medicine. Some herbs are contraindicated with medications which is why it is so important to consult a naturopath or herbalist before starting a herbal medicine prescription.

A herbal medicine prescription can be used for adults, children and elderly alike.

Where can I find herbal medicine to try?

The simple answer, right here at AHARA HEALTH. For existing clients you are able to take advantage of our 15 minute FREE pop in dispensary – this is for a script refill, acute prescriptions such as for a cold or prevent the start of a cold. book your free appointment here or book in for you detailed initial naturopathic consultation here so we can gather your full health history and develop a unique formulation for your specific health needs

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