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We can be gluten-free for a range of different reasons – from Celiac’s disease to hormonal health to digestive upset. Whatever the reason it can be a little daunting to start out! there are so many different products, most of which are cookies and cakes, and marketing can be so tricky! So for this post, I thought it would be a good idea to share brands that I am currently using and loving – nothing in this post is sponsored, just things I usually add to my grocery basket on my weekly shops.

Before jumping into the post let me say, this post is not to villanize gluten. Some people can digest it, others can not. some people are allergic to it, others are not. Everyone’s health is unique. Gluten is a protein found in grains such as wheat, spelt, rye, oats.

One of the first things I notice when clients are transitioning into a gluten-free lifestyle is how tantalising the cakes and cookies are in the ‘health’ section of the supermarket – I will say it right now, there are very few ‘healthy’ options in this isle. A gluten free cookie is still a cookie (and often with more sugar), a gluten free cake is still a cake – its sad but its true. I always encourage my clients to go back to basics (regardless of the lifestyle change actually) and try getting creative in the kitchen.

ALL vegetables are naturally gluten free – so there is no reason to limit them, same with fruit, naturally gluten free.

Pasta is such a family staple, so it’s natural that so many people go straight into a gluten free lifestyle in the search for good gluten free pasta. Here are the ones that you can often find in my pantry at home.

San Remo Pulse Pasta – This is now my go-to! It is made with legumes, nothing else, which means it is higher in protein and fibre compared to wheat pasta. This one is a great weekly addition for the non-gluten free as well! this one can also be enjoyed as left overs the next day.
Buckwheat pasta – in my opinion, not as delicious as the pulse pasta but still a great option. it also doesn’t do very well for lunches the next day. available from most supermarkets.

I personally like to avoid corn pasta.

Similar to the cookies situation, gluten free breads often have been altered or have things added into them to make them delicious or taste like ‘normal bread’. My best advice is to read the ingredient list, if it has a long list of numbers, preservatives and words with 40 letters it may not be the best option. On the northern beaches, we are a little spoilt for choice, with local cafes and business supporting gluten free options.

Naturis Buckwheat Bread: make locally on the northern beaches and delivered to health food stores and supermarkets, you can usually find this one. this one is delicious and nutty – but double toast it! it makes all the difference. add a little avocado and an egg and thats one delicious breakfast.
Rough and Bare Gluten Free sourdough loaf:¬†sold at their cafes and enjoyed off the menu you can find this one frozen and sliced ready for you to take home. it’s delicious!
Berkelo teff and almond loaf: made fresh daily this one is great for slicing, personally I found it a little too dense and crumbly (I love toast and it didn’t fare well in the toaster) but it was nutty and delicious.

The Italian is strong in me, and pizza is one of my favourte foods to I can honestly say I am SO SO happy that the pizza bases have improved over the years! no more savoury cake pretending to be a pizza. If you are making your own, head to harris farm they have a range of gluten free bases that are delicious! if you are out an about here is where you may find me!

Richardo’s Narrabeen: a family favourite of ours and so good that the gluten free base can be preferred to the regular wheat base! They use fresh and in house made ingredients that are delicious!
Alimento Pizza Collaroy: Another family favourite of ours and another delicious gluten free choice!

There are so many gluten free flours to choose from these days which I adore! I recommend grabbing one and having a play and seeing what works for you and your needs.

Buckwheat flour – a nutty and dense flour that is delicious for baking or making pie crusts with for spinach and ricotta pie.
Tigernut flour – from the potato family this tuber has a very impressive fibre content. I use it for baking and making delicious porridge with.
Almond meal – it can be a little bit more on the expensive side but delicious in baking.


Anything missing from our list? comment below with your request and we can add to the options x

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