Exploring Yoni Steaming

An ancient and sacred self care practice that has been used by women in many traditional cultures for centuries is Yoni steaming, otherwise called vaginal steaming or Bajos ((ha-hoes), as they are known in Spanish.  It is a very old and respected treatment used by Maya midwives and healers as a womb cleanse.

Bajos combines the power of water with the medicinal properties of herbs, in a healing steam ritual which increases blood flow, relaxes the muscles of the womb and pelvis and aids in the release of accumulated endometrial tissue.

Why steam?

There are many benefits to this sacred practice varying from emotional and spiritual healing to physical cleansing. This mainly depends on the blend of herbs used and intentions made.

Balance the menstrual cycle – for women with painful, irregular and heavy menses, steaming can help to sooth, calm and reduce cramps, balance hormones and increase circulation

Sacred detox – can support the energetic cleansing of the womb and lower chakras.  This can be a ritual practice to assist heal past trauma or following a relationship breakup.  Yoni steam can assist the energetic release, cleansing and detoxing of the tissues, calm, sooth and promote self love.

Assist fertility – for women preparing to conceive and wish to balance and nourish the reproductive system.  Bajos helps to nourish and sooth, promote self love and peace, regulate hormones and increase circulation to the womb.

During menopause and before procedures – Bajos helps to plump and lubricate the tissues of the Yoni to feel juicy again, to help relax vaginal tissues and pelvic muscles before sexual intercourse or certain procedures including gynaecological exams, PAP smears, IUD insertion and removal and IVF transfers.

Benefits include:

  • supporting the healing and tonifying of vaginal tissues
  • Regulates menstrual cycle and flow – increasing scanty periods, decreasing flow, clears clots
  • Reduces symptoms of bloating, cramping and pain during your cycle
  • Enhances fertility by cleansing and clearing old stagnant blood and increases circulation
  • Increases vaginal juiciness, relieving dryness during menopause
  • Reconnects to your womb after emotional trauma or miscarriage
  • Postpartum healing after vaginal delivery supporting both physical and emotional wellbeing

Whatever your condition, Bajos is an extremely relaxing self care ritual and with the guidance of a professional can assist you to feel and experience health and harmony throughout your reproductive system.

There are different herbs that can be used for the practice, each with their unique properties and used individually or as a blend.

Words: Linda Barrip \\ Avivgo Practitioner, reflexologist, masseuse

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