Tiny Habits To Embrace Self Care

Taking the time to give yourself some extra self-care is a great way to keep anxiety at bay and remain fit. Implementing these tiny habits are not only achievable but you can also sneak them into your routine, feel the difference quickly and with very minimal cost involved.

Personal Time:

  1. Be kind to yourself. Try writing down the awesome things people say about you and save it for later when you’re feeling crappy and needing a bit of a morale boost. Another interesting exercise is imagining you are your own best friend and what would you say to yourself?
  2. Get rid of that forever annoying item on your to-do list or try fixing something small at home. It can be the most satisfying thing after.
  3. What drives your decision making? It’s time to shuffle, if you usually use your head, try using your heart instead.
  4. Instead of people watching, try cloud-watching. This can be extra soothing.
  5. Be present and ask yourself – what do I do on autopilot? I know mine is brushing my teeth, but now that I think about it, there are heaps more.
  6. Deliberately create a new habit. Do something the same way each day and make it a new routine.
  7. Don’t be afraid to be selfish. Do that one thing that brings you complete joy. Self-date is a thing and it’s fun!
  8. Bring out the Marie Kondo in you and declutter. If you can’t handle a full-on declutter session, do a mini version and try recycling 2-3 items that you want to let go.
  9. After decluttering actual things, do it on your social media too! Identify the negative people on your feed and “mute” them.
  10. Switch to airplane mode. Try and unplug from social media and emails.
  11. Have you heard of the body scan technique? If not, then now is your time to try it out it. There is more to just lying down. Bring awareness to your body with this technique.
  12. Breathe. Try the diaphragmatic breathing by laying on your back with knees bent and head support, breathing in slowly through your nose, tighten your stomach muscles and let it fall inwards as you exhale through pursed lips.
  13. Move your body. May it be putting your favourite jam on blast and moving those hips, running or walking, doesn’t matter, as long as you’re giving time to being active and getting a bit of sun.
  14. Mindful eating. Pick healthy food choices for your meals and make a meal plan for the week. An additional brilliant idea is making a small change in your diet you can do for the week – eating more greens, for example!
  15. Use the mirror and be kind. Look at you, you beautiful human! Get to know yourself intimately, look at yourself naked without judgement. Check in with your emotions and name what you’re feeling with, you guessed it, zero judgement.

 Community Time:

  1. Try a different way to work. Mix up your routine and try finding unexpected beautiful things on your way.
  2. Pause, play and meditate. Schedule different breaks throughout your day to play and meditate even if it’s a mini-meditation to bring awareness to your thoughts, feelings, and body. While you’re at it, have a good laugh by enjoying your favourite comic or memes.
  3. Get out of your comfort zone. This may sound daunting to some, but baby steps is always good. Take that first step now.
  4. Stretch. Take a break and work on those sore muscles or even better, get a massage.
  5. Nap is life. If you can, take a quick nap to give you extra juice for more action.
  6. Choose your company. Hang out with people who brings out the best in you or those who emit positivity. If not people, pets are excellent choices too!
  7. Help each other out. Give a lending hand may it be as simple as opening a door, and don’t be scared to reach out for help if you need it.

Words By Amanda Westphal – Counsellor

Amanda Westphal is an experienced and registered counsellor delivering therapy at Your Wellness Focus, a respected women’s practice in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Specialising in helping women navigate relationships, manage life transitions, find freedom from self-doubt, and uncover their true confidence.


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