Sarah Beetham

Sarah Beetham is a registered Australian Psychotherapist with a passion for supporting individuals, families and couples. Sarah is here to support through difficult times and through times of need.

Sarah understands that needs change and that at different stages throughout life many people struggle within relationships and responses to life events. One of the main functions of therapy is to learn how to recognise, confront and sit with uncomfortable feelings that arise. Within our primary relationships, we often repeat behavioural patterns that we dont recognise within ourselves.

To be of service to you, Sarah’s role is to guide you towards a greater understanding of where these behaviours are activated from within out memory tissue and offer an alternative path towards growth and change.


Signs that you may need a little more support include: 

  • Undergoing health concerns, infertility, and reproductive concerns
  • Withdrawing from social situations
  • Working and or training even longer and harder
  • Shopping, spending or eating more
  • Holding onto an unhealthy relationship or allowing a good relationship to slip into bad patterns
  • Using drugs, medications or alcohol without intention
  • Constantly using computer devices, phones, gaming, social media

Sarah’s qualifications¬†

  • BA (arts) Art Therapy
  • Grad Dip. Psychotherapy and counseling.
  • Postgrad training in individual and couples counseling
  • Registered and Certified Psychotherapist with PACFA: Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia. Provisional Clinical Membership.
  • Sarah keeps up to date with current developments and research in psychology, neuroscience and therapeutic methods.

Sarah is available in the AHARA HEALTH clinic on Fridays with evening spots available after work. Click HERE to arrange a booking.