Main Meals

Spicy Tuna Rolls

Lunch menus can be so much more than white bread sandwiches! My Spicy Tuna Rolls take no more than 10 minutes to put together, even less with more hands. It is also a perfect recipe for children to get their hands dirty and help roll the little parcels. This particular […]

Raw Pad Thai

I was looking in the fridge for a little dinner inspiration last night – kelp noodles, carrots, tofu, vegetables and miso paste. I wanting something fresh (and ridiculously easy)  so I decided on a salad. It wasn’t until I had grated the carrot that this recipe started to come together […]

Earthing Salad

Different foods hold different energies that can support the body in many different ways. There are warming foods, cooling foods, grounding foods, soothings foods… all of them unique with their many health benefits. This is my Earthing Salad, given this name mainly due to the root vegetables within the ingredient […]

Quinoa Detox Salad

Weeknights call for fast healthy meals. The best thing about this recipe, is most the steps can be made in advanced. The ingredients featured in this recipe, naturally support your detoxification pathways while the protein supports many body functions including immunity, hormone balance and mood. This recipe is: Gluten free, […]

Rustic Rosti with Grilled Salmon

Breakfast can be  should be so much more than box cereal and toast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, nourishing you for the day ahead. There are many options but they should all contain a few things: 1. A good source of protein: Eggs, fish, legumes, nuts/seeds, […]

Kangaroo Thai Salad

I know I usually post vegan and vegetarian food but this one is for my Paleo and meat eaters. I was recently speaking to @gourmetgame guys! Did you know?Kangaroo is extremely sustainable, they live on open ranges and no females are harmed to encourage breeding  it also is a lean protein and doesn’t cause inflammation […]