Snacks & Nibbles

Garlicky Pea Hummus

As a naturopath, one of my personal missions is finding delicious ways to add extra veggies into peoples lifestyle. Statistics have shown that the Standard Australian Diet (also known as the SAD diet) is generally low in fresh produce with the majority of Australians not reaching the Daily Recommended Intake […]

Baked Bircher Bars 

Road trips, I love them! To me, there is nothing better than setting off, exploring back roads and little towns. Finding the local only markets and tiny bakeries that make the best sourdough olive loaf and enjoying it picnic style with shoeless feet and sun-kissed shoulders. When we think of […]

Roasted Fruit + Seed Loaf

At one of our travel stops in Spain I found a bag of organic buckwheat for ONE Euro…needless to say (after a little begging and convincing Rob that I ABSOLUTELY had to have it and that I would use it traveling) I bought it … I did not however ever […]

Rosemary Salted Celeriac Chips & Guacamole 

Holy guacamole! This is one serious delicious pair! If you haven’t tried celeriac before, grab your keys right now and head to the grocery store or farmers market! This ugly little veggie has some serious deliciousness going on … Similar taste to a turnip but a whole lot more! Celeriac […]

Cinnamon Protein Muffins

You know those days, the days where you just want a little bit of naughtiness to get you through the day… yep, that is how this recipe was born! These scrumptious Cinnamon Protein Muffins were created to trick and tantalise your taste buds! They are perfect for that afternoon sweet […]

Hulk Bars

This recipe is perfect for the whole family to get involved, free from added sugar making them perfect for an after-school snack – they do however contain almonds so not so perfect for lunch boxes but save them for after school and you have yourself a winner! I really enjoy […]