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Hulk Bars

This recipe is perfect for the whole family to get involved, free from added sugar making them perfect for an after-school snack – they do however contain almonds so not so perfect for lunch boxes but save them for after school and you have yourself a winner! I really enjoy […]

Strawberries and Cream Nice Cream

  Dairy free? Fun day at the beach? wanting an ice cream? No problem! This dairy free nicecream takes only a couple minutes to make and then you get to enjoy straight away or pop into the freezer for another day (or to serve later in the day). This recipe is […]

Butter : A little nasty no more

Over the years we have been encouraged to leave the gorgeous natural properties of butter in the dark and reach for the highly processed, oxidised, preservative enriched margarine. This is a big misconception. The hint to health is all in the choice of butter, the frequency of use and quantity […]