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Raw Super Ferrero Rocher

Christmas is the time for love, family and a little indulgence. When planning your Christmas Menu its all about balance.  These little morsels are so easy to make and i’m positive the whole family and Christmas guests will love them! Best of all they are refined sugar free, gluten free, […]

Quinoa Detox Salad

Weeknights call for fast healthy meals. The best thing about this recipe, is most the steps can be made in advanced. The ingredients featured in this recipe, naturally support your detoxification pathways while the protein supports many body functions including immunity, hormone balance and mood. This recipe is: Gluten free, […]

Kombucha Cocktail

I LOVE Kombucha, well I love anything fermented but Kombucha would have to be top of the list. All you need to make the Kombucha is filtered water, organic black tea, sugar and a SCOBY. Your SCOBY (AKA Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast) is what turns your tea to Kombucha! […]

Mean Green Smoothie

Spring and Smoothies – the  perfect combo, fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables with the lightness to support our spring metabolism. In this smoothie, I have used coconut water. The coconut water brings a sweetness to the smoothie, so you dont need to add in dates, honey ect. It also provides […]

Kangaroo Thai Salad

I know I usually post vegan and vegetarian food but this one is for my Paleo and meat eaters. I was recently speaking to @gourmetgame guys! Did you know?Kangaroo is extremely sustainable, they live on open ranges and no females are harmed to encourage breeding  it also is a lean protein and doesn’t cause inflammation […]

Nourish Bowl

A little while back I posted this photo on Instagram, sharing how quick and easy healthy eating can be. A large portion of my meal planning includes left overs.  Left overs are my favourite things for lunch, not only do you not have to buy lunch you get to enjoy […]