Author: Alyce

Making Babies – Trimester One

Trimester one… the one that everyone says is the hardest, which is why we knew we wanted to share with our closest friends and family early – for the support. It can be hard, lonely and scary to be in these initial weeks and months were bub is growing at […]

Making Babies – Our Preconception Journey

Before jumping into our preconception journey, I wanted to say that I am beyond grateful for our journey so far, I acknowledge that this isn’t the case for everyone. Fertility affects everyone differently, while it can bring joy it can also bring sadness, frustration and pain. As a Naturopath, I […]

February Fatigue… Its a Thing

You know the feeling, you are feeling great after a Christmas break and summer sunshine. January comes and it’s full of events, bbq’s and back to work deadlines, and then boom! it’s Feb things get overwhelming. Our body starts to feel it. We get sick, our digestive system is in […]

What Happens in a Naturopathic Consultation?

It can be a little bit daunting, meeting a new practitioner, going through your health history but the real intimidating bit can be the prospect of making changes after the consult. BEFORE THE CONSULTATION Before we sit down, sip tea and chat health history we gather information. Typically an intake […]

Balancing Meals + Balancing Health

BALANCING MEALS Balancing meals and balancing blood glucose levels is something we often talk about during consultations. It can be a vital key to feeling well, hormone health, immunity, energy levels and more. Once you are in the swing of it, balancing meals can be quiet easy, it just takes […]