Teff Breakfast Bowl

Teff… I know what you are thinking… what is Teff? We have another superfood! Teff is tiny tiny gluten-free seed – about the size of a poppy seed or half a sesame seed. Teff has been found to have a delicious dose of calcium, iron, dietary fibre and vitamin C. […]

Nourishing Pear Porridge

The perfect way to start a chilly autumn day! I made this recipe this morning, searching for something warm and nourishing before heading off to work. The best part about this recipe is that is that this recipe is gluten free, vegan, dairy free and warms you from the inside out. […]

Coconut Buckwheat Bircher Muesli

Buckwheat is one of the most versatile seeds! A wholesome, nutty flavour this seed is gluten free and well digested by most people!I love to use buckwheat in both sweet and savoury dishes but I must say breakfast is one of my favourite places to use buckwheat. With all my […]

Stove Baked Omelette

Wanting to try something new for breakfast? Walk away from that cereal isle and towards the fresh produce! This recipe is completely gluten/grain free, packed with protein and nutrient dense! | B R E A K F A S T | two large free range eggs, lightly whisked one large mushroom diced  three […]

5 Minute Muesli

This recipe really only takes 5 minutes to prep! Store it in an air tight glass container and TA DA! you have breakfast! Serve this recipe with fresh seasonal fruit, frozen berries, coconut cream or yoghurt and a nut milk This Recipe is: Gluten free, Grain free, Paleo, Sugar free, […]

Breakfast Bowl

I recently posted up a variation of my breakfast bowl, but I thought it’s always nice to share another! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and hands down my favourite! I whipped this one up in 5 minutes as the eggs where boiling before work 🙂 It […]