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A Good Night Sleep

Sleep plays a significant role in our health, the importance of which is often undervalued especially when we have a good sleep. Sleep is the time when the body has the opportunity to refocus energy into processing the day’s information, lowering our cortisol levels and releasing anti-inflammatory cytokines for healing […]

Introducing AHARA HEALTH Elixir Powders

For the past year i’ve had reoccurring thoughts, how can we make health more accessible? more affordable? more achievable? and then it hit us . . . but first a back story… if you are a client of mine, you know how passionate I am about herbal medicine and the […]

Natural Tricks to a Good Nights Sleep

I am a bad sleeper. I haven’t always been and I do have a pretty amazing skill for falling asleep pretty much anywhere – car, couch, plane, cinema and perhaps even a concert (I mean really, who falls asleep in a concert!) but as soon as my head hits a pillow […]