Healing Spices

The weather is starting to cool and as we start to transition our body starts to crave warming foods, spices and teas (helllooooo every variety of Chai tea). This helps to warm us from the inside out.

Cooking with fresh herbs and spices is one of the easiest way to naturally warm the digestive system. By warming the digestive system you assist the breakdown and absorption of nutrients, reduce bloating and can help to regulate bowel movements.

Healing spices from my Naturopathic pantry: 

Ginger: Naturally warming and supports the digestive system improving digestion. Enjoy fresh, dried or as a tea.

Cinnamon: Often used to balance blood glucose levelscinnamon also has a warming affect on the digestive system. Enjoy ground, whole stick, as a tea (or in a Chai tea)

Chili: No surprises with this one, Chili warms up the digestive system very quickly. If you have a sensitive stomach or prone to irritation best to avoid this one.

Garlic: Not only an amazing immune support, garlic can improve circulation. A pantry must have!Tip: always crush your garlic to enhance health benefits.

Turmeric: My ultimate favourite! There are very few recipes that I don’t sprinkle a little turmeric into, a rich anti-inflammatory and warming to the digestive system. Tip: to improve the absorption of turmeric, enjoy it with a good fat – coconut oil, olive oil, avocado, nuts and seeds. Use fresh, organic dried or oil.


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